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To the OP,
If you wish to do the harder content, my advise is to guild up. I know that was not the title of your thread. But you wish to gain the benifits of guild membership ( the better gear and going on the harder ops) with out the cost.
It doesn't work that way.
Lets look at this from the other side- the raid leader. The raid leader wants a group of people who work well as a team and have been playing together for a while. That way the team can count on each other when crap happens, and yes human error happens in every raid. Knowing the ops is almost useless compaired to knowing all the little intricasies that each pull or boss fight has.
Now I am not going to knock your gear man, but what I will say is the Elite WH gear is about all the top end gear you can get as a lone wolf. Having Black Hole doesn't scream to a ops leader you are a good player. You can get away with some Elite WH pieces ( like main and off hand ) and no one will say anything, but if you don't have some campain - you won't be picked up for HM OPS past NM KP.
To develop a good reputation as a DPS fill in takes time. And yes it will mean you will run the hell out of lower end ops, till you make a name for yourself. After you have built a good rep as a good dps then the oppertuntys will come.
Good luck man.