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You will note I said "It'd take ME quite a while.". I'm not a speeder. I don't rush though content then whine that there's nothing to do. I level up at a normal pace. I go though content at a normal pace.

Let's put it in perspective. Mists of Pandaria. I was starting to get "X had earned [Server First level 90]" style achievements within 5 or 10 hours of the expansion coming out.I hit level 90 after two weeks, like most people.

People who rush though the content of a story driven MMO need to have their head examined. That's all I can say about that. Don't space bar your way though the dialogue. Take the time to examine your surroundings. Explore. Take part in the new flashpoint(s) and warzone(s), or even space missions if it comes with them. Level professions.
well im prolly one of the slowest levelers there is... took me almost a year to max level my first hunter in Cat, and that was also only 5 levels, but im one of those people that like to explore and hunt things like rare pets and other nifty things... unfortunately we cant explore in TOR so i find my self leveling a lot faster in this game than in any other game i have ever played. so this new expansion will prolly last me about 2 days max and thats only playing for a couple hours after i get off work... unless the story is slow and boring then maybe a full week and thats because ill just go to one of my alts.

in the one month ive been back to this game i have leveled my BH from level 2 up to 35 or 37.. cant remember ..before i came back my highest level guy was my Jedi and he was level 17... he is now level 20... that is crazy!!!! i have never leveled a toon that fast in any other MMO and i did it all SOLO where as in all the other games i have played i would be in groups about 50% of the time and still took for ever to level up.