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well with Obiwan we got a huge planet with tuns of quests and places to explore and we got new mounts and speeders... dont think we got any new armor but i cant be sure. but i do think we got new guns and weapons along with a bunch of stuff for crafters to make along with new materials, we also got a new slot for an extra toon. before that we got a new planet that even though it was smaller than the other planets we had it was bigger than any one we have now, plus more mounts, new armor, a new race... err wait when did we get the Ithorians?? that was Kashyyk right?? before that we got SPACE!!! tuns and tuns of space!!!!!! and i could be wrong but all those expansions were only 30 bucks

Burning crusade we got two new zones and two new races... nuff said about that and the same goes for all the other WOW expansions not to mention tuns of new armor and weapons.

you can say that TOR's expansion is good enough for 10 bucks but remember that's only for subs the real price is 20, so let me ask you this would you pay $20 for an expansion that only gave you one planet (thats not really all that big in comparison to other games) 5 extra levels and a couple of extra things for end game play?? to me that sounds like a $10 dlc and thats for the non subbers. now if the new race was a part of the expansion then yea i can see maybe $20 bucks but that is still pushing it!!!
It's probably safe to assume ROTHC could be more comparable to Trials of Obi-Wan. Of course we can't truely say that until all of Rise's features have been revealed. Still an expansion that contains a new explorable world and probably costs less than Obi-Wan, I think that's fair enough.
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