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Your gear sucks.
True, but that's hardly constructive.

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Just an fyi black hole gear is typically extremely endurance heavy and very poorly optimized especially for a dps.
Now THAT'S useful information.

I've heard that black hole and campaign gear was randomly generated, and no one actually looked at the stats to see if they made sense before they were released. Because of this, some of the gear is really, REALLY bad for the item level. You may want to have a look at the BH heavy armor for DPS and yank the mods out of it, or buy some campaign Foestopper armorings from the BH vendor to replace those endurance heavy armorings, and get a set bonus, not that the sentinel set bonuses are that wonderful (especially the 4 piece... bleh).

Unnecessary, but helpful information below this point :P
As for REALLY optimizing your stats, I'd suggest replacing a little of that accuracy with surge. The enhancement and mod found in the Pummeler's chest would be one good option for accomplishing that. Also, the armoring from that chestpiece would be an improvement over the armoring in your current chest. You could try taking the other mods from the Pummeler's chest and putting them in your weapons.