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The FAQ link is under the title, "Heart of a Jedi" down in my signature, just to let you guys know.

And say that LucasArts is discriminatory is very erroneous. If you don't feel like reading the FAQ, take a few minutes and Google George Lucas same sex marriage. It's very enlightening, and goes largest against the massive pre-conceptions of LucasArts being narrow minded.

Oh, and then there is again the matter of the gay Mandalorian couple from the books. I hope people realize that not much got by Lucas and he did have to approve all the novels. So that isn't exactly hidden. From the FAQ:

11) Is SGR even canonically in Star Wars?

Yes! There are plenty of examples of SGRs in the Star Wars IP. In the games, it began with original Knights of the Old Republic in 2003, with the companion Juhani, who would only romance female Revans. There was also a same gender romance in the books as well, with Goran Beviin, who's husband was Medrit Vasur. Goran was first featured in the e-book Boba Fett: A Practical Man. The two of them were later fully realized in the book Sacrifice, both of which were by created by author Karen Traviss. They are officially recognized as canon by Lucasarts.

The games do count as a form of EU cannon that had to be approved by Lucas. I don't think Disney will change that either. Again, take a few minutes to Google Disney's stance on the LGBT community and you'd be very surprised. Hell, I was surprised when I found out how inclusive they are.

So yeah, Disney isn't going to yank those due to any stance against the LGBT community. Disney is very pro LGBT rights. This includes for their employees as well as their parks and cruises.

Seriously? They never gave us their word?

Um, there is a ton of information that very clearly states otherwise. The press also wouldn't have given two flying flips if BioWare hadn't said anything in the first place. I've got video footage if you care to see it.

We know that every employee that spoke about it publicly and directly has left/been let go of BW-Austin. That's why we're pushing so hard for an answer.