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Speaking of min maxing and I will keep the name anonymous to protect the innocent. I saw a sentinel in full warhero with an alacrity relic and some alacrity augs. Needless to say I don't know much about Sents/Maras so I enlisted the help of another who did have the knowledge to help this young one out. Even his mainhand was a tank mainhand. It's sad but understandable as well. Rather than poke fun though and laugh, well I did chuckle, I hopefully got him some help that will aid him down the line.
I actually saw a scoundrel healer who was using some defence mods/enhancements and some defence augments, he 1200-1300ish expertise and this was a few weeks ago.

To be honest if you see that I would message the guy, I should have messaged the scoundrel but normally when people hit 60-70 valor, they at least think they always know what they are doing.
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