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I don't usually get involved with anything, not sure why I am now, maybe because I'm bored, anyway...

Grim is the largest, strongest PvP guild impside. They have many many many members online. Because of this they can have 3-5 premades running during high population times. Because of this alot of pubs see grim grim grim and get frustrated. The pubs are most split with ASB, Doomed Lemmings, Infamous, Blue Sun, Ace of Spades, DoA and more.

I was in Grim and quit the guild to get black sun going. Everyone in grim was so cool about it and I'm still friends with all of them. I don't say much drama wise on the forums. I have no problems with anyone in the game and get along with everyone. So hopefully me defending GD carries some weight.

I believe eventually guilds like Black Sun Rising and Soverign will be up there w/ the big dog PvP wise.

Also Grim does ranked every Monday so for those who think grim sucks or whatever, challenge them and que Monday.

Anyway I'm rambling and didn't address the op at all just the general conversation in this thread which has gone on far too long.

So yeah, grim gets alot of undeserved crap from alot of people. There members are really cool and will help you with anything. They do ranked, they run premades like everyone else on server (back in my grim days I Remeber winning more often than not).

Some guilds of grim's qualities could be real elitist or trolls but grim isn't. That's because there members and Daz understand something: it's just as important to be a good person as it is to be a good player.

Anyway I'm about to ride Star Wars at Disney World - be jealous
No one said they sucked. You guys are pulling stuff out of thin air. All we said was that we had no issue with them in the regs as the OP of this thread claimed. Why that's so difficult to understand, I don't even know. But there you have it. I wouldn't have thought you'd stoop yourself to the same level other members of gd have in this thread. Always playing the victims. As for our statement about the characteristics about their members, I realize that you were a part of their guild, but the actions displayed by their members directly contradict what you have written. Actions speak louder than words. It's evident that no matter what said you guys are going to try to spin this into a "stop being so mean to grim" discussion, even though no one was. (as I said earlier you guys take things personally). My purpose for this thread is done. I've already refuted the outrageous claims of the OP and a member of your own. Keep on patting each others shoulders though. It's gonna be ok.

Edit: just to make things simple.

Basically I said that the claims by the OP and a member of GD that republic players (or pugs) can't beat them and that grim has ruined pvp was false. I provided screenshots of it to prove my point.

What you guys got from what I said (idk how): OMG neo is telling everyone he's better than us because he beat our premades! Omg what a troll he said something that we don't like! OMG. Don't hate us cause of our awesomeness in pvp OMG rescue brigade assemble!
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