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One could think it was Lucas Arts that said no to it, but then I'd have to wonder why they just didn't say, no there isnt, and right now it's not a priority.
LucasArts is not as discriminatory as many like to think. This is covered in Natashina's FAQ.

And if you are going to attack people for thinking that Bioware's actions over this subject is discriminatory, then I would suggest you realise that many of us - myself included - do so in reference to the decisions that were made not to develop this content at the same time and rate as opposite-sex content (i.e. when it would have been cheaper, given that they were recording and animating the opposite-sex content).

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Ever think that could of just been the writers and not BW as a whole? They write the story, bosses read it, think it's good to go and pass it, without ever thinking "OMG! There's no SGR! What are you a writer or an insensitive discriminatory hack!"
Unfortunately the writers are not allowed to talk about anything interesting, so we can't know what the initial process was, but as this is a Bioware derivative, one would have expected the management to realise the expectations that were had for the story.

This game is a demonstration of aggressive hetero-centrism and pan/bi/homosexual erasure - that sort of thing would have been noticed during development, someone just decided that offering content to the LGBT community or persons who would enjoy same-sex content, wasn't important.

And Mattel? Really? Yes, I do, actually. Also, there's a gender-neutral Easy Bake Oven being released. It's black and silver.