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So now you have a problem with anyone saying it's discriminatory and not just certain people?

Discrimination isn't necessarily as explicit as you make it out to be. Really, it comes down to two groups of people being treated differently (intentional or not).

I'm also not sure about the "cost effective" angle, considering there are tons of OGRA content and not all of it feels necessary. Instead of making sure most male PCs had a woman on every planet to "sex up" they could have done a few SGRA romances. But, OMG NO! male PCs need more action! Can you see why that's kind of a problem? That's what doesn't sit right with me. If there were only a few OGRA encounters then it would be a different story.
Ever think that could of just been the writers and not BW as a whole? They write the story, bosses read it, think it's good to go and pass it, without ever thinking "OMG! There's no SGR! What are you a writer or an insensitive discriminatory hack!"

Do you call Matel sexist because they don't advertise Barbie for boys, when there are boys who play with Barbie?

I basically take BW's word on it being about profits, it's the one thing I can always believe a company on, they're out to make money.