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But do you believe it was discrimination not to develop same-sex romances at the same time as opposite-sex romances, as that is where the majority are getting their basis of the discrimination from?
No. I think it was a matter of profits as they stated. I think their profits havent been as good as they hoped to beable to add it in after the fact.

Cutscenes take time to make. The people who make those cutscenes are very likely also the ones who do the cutscenes that will be needed in the expansion they're planning on making.

Writers may have the time to pen it out, but they're also likely trying to pen good/passable stories for the expansion.

One could think it was Lucas Arts that said no to it, but then I'd have to wonder why they just didn't say, no there isnt, and right now it's not a priority.

With BW's track record of SGR in other games, I think it shows it wasn't a matter of least on BWs part....but back to profits (which they're in the business to make).