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Discrimination would be "OMG ICK! NO WAY! NEVER! I DON'T AGREE WITH IT!"

Discrimination isn't "Sorry, but putting that in just isn't cost effective/profitable"
Regardless of the veiled, shady reasoning behind it, the end result consistently remains the same.

Equal representation is being denied to a group of people. The motivation, the reasoning, are of no consequence whatsoever. Equality is very infrequently easy, or cost effective, but that doesn't justify not granting it. If someone is doing a morally wrong thing, frankly, I don't give a good gosh darn what the reason behind it is. The fact that what is being done here is morally wrong is reason enough for myself and many other of my colleagues to raise serious concerns.

About the positions of this company regarding fair and equal treatment of groups, about this company's stance against discrimination, and most importantly, about this company's ethical policies. Specifically on promising a feature to a group of paying customers, and then failing to deliver said feature over an entire year. And yes, their silence, their shadiness, their deletion of Tweets, and their misdirection have all indirectly supported business practices which can be considered... unethical, at best.

I'm sorry, but I'm not generally fond of the idea of giving my money to companies that behave in such a way. If they're willing to lie about something like SGR's (which, as I've mentioned, they have already taken the press fallout for because of the statements made at launch) then... what else would they be willing to lie to their customers about? It is an atrocious business move on the part of a company to lie to paying customers, and frankly, whoever orchestrated this cloak-and-dagger silence and misdirection campaign should be ashamed of themselves.

And you, SithKoriandr. I've explained a couple of times what consistent negative arguments do to our cause. You're indirectly screwing us over. By repeatedly fighting us. I don't know why you do it. I don't know why you want to screw us over so badly. But whether you realize it or not, your crusade against SGR is likely doing just that. Odds are I'm betting people like you are a big part of why we haven't gotten what we want. Because some incompetent financial analyst at EA was lurking the boards one day and saw posts like yours, seemingly supportive of our cause but insisting, repeatedly, against all opposition and reason presented to you, that there is no possible way that SGR's could ever be cost effective ever, and as such, we would never get them. Said analyst takes it higher up, suits decide that you may have something there, and we're ****ed. For good.

Please, for the love of all that is holy, just shut up. I don't care what your reason is. I don't care how good your logic is. I'm tired of seemingly well-meaning people trying to stonewall us, for no apparent reason whatsoever. Because whether you know it, or believe it, you may very well be stonewalling us WAY more successfully than you think.

And the fact that our cause is being destroyed from within this very thread, is honestly, very hurtful and insulting to me. Please. Stop. Leave us alone.

Odds are they have the V/O assets already recorded, they're just waiting for some gods-unknown reason to make it happen. So please. Just leave us alone and let it happen.