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My point on the cutscenes and the top MMOs (and as a fan of TERA, is that even a top MMO? Doesnt seem it in NA anyways) is that's it's just not that cared about by the majority of players.

And I thought I did address the physical appearance. I'm curious. Is it because people (who in this thread and the other in General) think the lack of it is discriminating, or is it really just to play out some imaginative fantasy?

I have nothing against the later. I just think some are saying it's discriminating so they can obtain the fantasy. When I don't think it's a matter of discrimination, but rather a matter of cost, and people want to play the discrimination arguement, because they think that will give them what they want (which, it could in some instances).

They didn't put it in originally because of cost (as they said in the beginning), a cost they thought they'd make up at release (is my guess). And since the release, things haven't panned out to match their projected profits.
matter of cost? then explain to me why OGRA made it into the game.

looks like grasping for straws to me. 'it's a matter of money' is a pretty easy answer, and yet so very very wrong. if they honestly didn't have the money - or time, as they claim - they should have made romance options a 'post launch' feature, and not same-gender romance options. (not forgetting to mention that still doesn't explain why you can't even [flirt] with a member of the same sex)

oh, and just so you know, for me it is indeed just 'living out a fantasy' when I want a gay male chiss smuggler. in reality I'm a straight female human. shockingly, I don't even have the same hair colour as my character.

none if this matters, though, because I still very much see the big issue with cutting only parts of a feature when cutting the whole feature would have prevented a lot of this 'stink'.