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Name: Darth Bangel
Species: Pureblood
Age: 32
Height, 5'10"
Weight: 150
Birth planet: Korriban
Class: Sith inquisitor
AC: Sith Assassin
Primary Weapon: Double bladed red lightsaber
Secondary Weapon: Green double bladed lightsaber, he took when he defeated his rival.
Misc Items: (none)
Force Abilities: Force lightning, jump, lightsaber throw, force push, force grab,.
Personality: Inteligent, and battle hardened.
Bio: Raised at the sith academy, all Bangel ever knew was how to defend himself, and thats how it was. Older sith acolytes would try to attack him, but his superior skill met them a gruesome fate. Until his father was killed on a republic invasion on balmorra, he couldnt focus his potential. After his fathers death, he swore to himself, he would find the group that killed him, and slaughter them in his fathers name. 15 years later, he discovered where those jedi had taken refuge, and planned an elaborate scheme to destroy them. After the deed was done, he scavenged his fathers double bladed lightsaber (which became his primary weapon) and a jedi masters double bladed lightsaber.

Life was good until a new faction came into play. He was one of the first sent out to destroy them, but being himself, he had no trust at all for the group he was sent with. His plan was to hide in stealth, following them, until they died, or until his own life was at risk.

( thinking I could be with the opposition, or just be following and watching in stealth?)
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