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I did the same the other week, the whole team I was on in a CW was trying to zerg snow they left no one at mid so wanting to get out of the mess as soon as possible, "/say jagger cap mid there isnít anyone there, seriously"

Iíve noticed more healers in warzones recently but lately I generally only play a few games a day after I finish my daily , our biggest problem is DPS, I should never out dps a dps class that isnít guarding a node or something, and I frequently do with my odd grenade, shiv, and orbital strike. Thatís why I wish they gave pvp gear gimp stats and have expertise balance out the missing stats, I think we get alot of fail PvE'ers looking to grind out a decent set of gear, a WH set isnít horrible for pve, and now with its reduced costs people are going to flock to pvp to get a quick pve set. All things aside, if you canít break 300k in a full warzone you should look at playing another style of game, Iíve played in way to many games with multiple folks only hitting 170k or less
The pvp imbalance from CO carried over to JC, the pubs on CO were stacked with three very good pvp guilds, people re-rolling isnít the problem but it does compound it more when you remove talented players from an already weak faction then add them to the opposing team, I've read that paid transfers are currently high on their to do list, imp pvp will be even worse once they open that up.
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