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I'm closing in on finishing all the class stories. As you can see in my signature, I have two consulars and I find myself constantly perplexed at what people thought was so wrong with it. I'm interested in hearing opinions about what folks didn't like, more than just "it was boring".

ACT I for every single class has you doing four of the same things on each planet. The JC is searching out 4 sick masters. The JK is searching for 4 superweapons the Republic lost. The Trooper is seeking 4 traitors, and the Smuggler is delivering 4 pieces of exotic cargo.

On the Imp side, the SI is searching for 4 pieces of a ritual, the BH is taking down 4 bounties in the contest, the SW is searching out clues for the identity/location of padawan Jaesa Willsaam. And finally, the IA is breaking up 4 terrorist cells.

That's the overall structure, but it is within that structure that the differences like. The Jedi Consular often isn't even particularly focused on the Master at issue, but more on cleaning up their messes. Which IMO gives it a feel of 4 different stories. I feel the same about other classes. I think Act I drags on too long for all classes, but I don't feel like the JC story is any better or worse in that regard.

As we move into Act II, the JC story picks up considerably. On Balmorra, your character effectively frees Balmorra from Darth Lachris and your character is the one that gets to send her to the great Sith retirement home in the sky. Likewise on Hoth, your character is very intertwined with the story of the planet. Going into Act III, while unraveling the mystery of the Children of the Emperor, you manage to learn the most about the Esh-Ka of any class other than the SI, you effectively get to take a Voss Mystic as an Apprentice, and you save the Jedi order and Republic from Sith inflitrators.
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