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1. LI HM is harder than ECSM. Clearly a random group can't carry the OP through LIHM.

2. That is the only explanation for obscene Lorrick wipes. It has been better lately, but for a long time I had a string of pug healers who didn't have the talent spent to cleanse physical debuffs. So, they couldn't actually cleanse it, and complained endlessly when over the course of 8 spray phases, the melee would get 10 or 15 stacks. It's too much to heal! There's nothing I can do!!!

3. I'd much prefer 20 minutes in Lost Island (Discounting the 'stealth' run to the frist minimob, which alwayss results in endless waiting around) over 45 minutes of waiting to spacebar Esseles or most of the other flashpoints, which are definitely longer.
The best way to tackle LI HM is to forgo the GF and head in manually. The reasons for this are plenty, and primary center around the LR-5 boss and the tactics required to defeat it.

1. There are so many fresh 50's that are poorly geared for this FP. It is a Tier 2 flashpoint and needs to have gear restrictions imposed on it. Lately there have been so many level 50's going into the Flashpoint with < 50 gear. This is unacceptable. I understand that someone in full Tionese gear MIGHT be able to beat the Flashpoint, but it will definitely be a challenge. It doesn't help when you have people with level 46 blues and greens.

2. Planning tactics and execution. GF does not take rDPS or mDPS into account when queuing for any FP, let alone LI. During the LR-5 fight, the range of the DPS determine the tactics that should be used to defeat the boss. Both DPS need to be the same type: Two Ranged DPS or two Melee. If you have one of each, the group will wipe because the tank will be forced to DPS and Tank to compensate for the out of place DPS. This makes a relatively easy fight more difficult.

3. There is an LI SM. Those who have not done this flashpoint should head there first, cause HM can eat you alive if you don't understand the fights. To find the SM FP, head to the Gav Daragon, and then to the Tion hangar and there will be a NPC and Portal to take you to either the HM, SM or NM of LI.
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