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For the purposes of this tournament and future match-ups, I will take an analytical approach to these battles and decide the victor from there. So let's begin.

Industry: General Grievous is capable of building droids faster than the Mandalorians can kill them, and build fleets faster than Mandalore can. Edge=Grievous

Numbers (Not exact numbers): The Droid Army had numbers in excess of 1 trillion droids, whereas the Mandalorians had (I think) a couple hundred thousand. The Clone Army managed to hold them off due to superior training, Jedi leadership, and having (I think) over 1 billion soldiers. Mandalore doesn't have the numbers that Grievous does. Edge=Grievous.

Troop strength: The majority of the Droid Army was comprised of B1 Battle Droids, but they also had the powerful B2 Battle Droids, experimental B3 Battle Droids(not going to do much I'm afraid), Droideka's, Magnaguards, and the list goes on. Mandalore had the Neo-Crusaders, your average Mandalorian, and Mandalorian Commandos. In terms of Troop Strength: Mandalore will be able to take the B1 Battle Droids pretty easily, but the other droids will pose problems. Mandalore wins here, but numbers are a factor in this category as well.

Troop Adaptability: The CIS can manufacture new droids to handle different conditions very quickly, but Mandalore's troops can adapt almost on the fly. Mandalore wins here (barely).

Vehicles: From what I can tell, Mandalore only has the Basilisk War Droids for his vehicles. General Grievous has far more. He has the AAT, Hailfire Droid, Spider Droids, Dwarf Spider Droids, Armored Tank Droids (the snail looking tanks in ROTS), Droid gunships, and the list continues. The AAT, Hailfire Droid, Spider Droid, and Droid Gunship can all take out Basilisks. Edge: Grievous.

Fleet numbers: The CIS fleets were able to hold off the Republic Navy (powered by the monster Kuat Drive Yards) for three years, whereas Mandalore was able to conquer much of Republic space. However, Mandalore didn't face the production capabilities of the Republic that Grievous did. Not to mention that CIS shipyards were making their own fleets very quickly. Edge=Grievous.

Fleet Firepower: Mandalore's fleets faced relics of the Republic, never truly testing themselves against powerful ships like the Interdictor-class capital ship. General Grievous consistently defeated the powerful Venator-class Star Destroyers and other powerful ships in space combat. Edge=Grievous.

Tacticians: Mandalore and Cassus Fett employed a strategy that allowed them to pick the Republic apart piece by piece, whereas Grievous was able to defeat the Republic forces on several fronts and hold off her massive military power. I'm gonna say that they tie here.

One on one: Mandalore may be a skilled warrior, but he doesn't have the same skills that Obi-Wan Kenobi, Kit Fisto and other powerful Jedi have. Grievous' four lightsabers win the day here. Note that Grievous could just send Ventress to kill Mandalore as well, and she could kill him. Edge=Grievous

Overall, Mandalore will be able to drag out the battle, but he won't last against the overwhelming numbers and firepower of the CIS forces. Grievous wins.

Side-topic: Beni, you should have Jan Dodonna in a future match-up. Seriously, he's like the Sun Tzu of Star Wars.
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