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12.27.2012 , 12:00 PM | #18
This flashpoint is like any other content in every game. I remember when we would wipe on SM KP or SM EV. Now we can 5 man HM EV with 2 fresh 50's in green gear. I hated Lost Island the first 2 times I did it , we wiped numious times, but the 3rd time it was easier, we had a close call, but no deaths. Now we we run through it like it is sm EV. Once you learn the mechinics, it is easy just like every other flashpoint or ops.

My suggestion get with a group to learn the fight.

Personally I love crappy pugs in HMFPs on my healer, It makes me learn to be a better healer, manage my energy and protect myself which helps me when I am in harder content like the Ciphas, Heirad, and KelíSara fight in HM TfB.

I agree with Vankris, wipping isn't that bad of a thing, what I would add wiping isn't bad if you and the group are learning from the wipe. We wiped I know 6 times in a row on Kephess in HM TfB, we learned from the mistakes and all it did was make the next time all the more rewarding when we beat him...(not really sure how many times it took. Sawbones...I dropped out of combat a few times when they yelled wipe it up, so I didn't die everytime. Still point stands wiping isn't the end all if you are learning from the wipe. If you go right back and do the exact same thing and expect a different outcome, then yeah wipping is a problem.