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12.27.2012 , 11:55 AM | #86
I q my 7 toons every day and always run into watchmen / ld or an alt of ld / thunder cats (who by the way only super q regs havent seen them in a ranked yet) all morning. the afternoons are a little better because try hards and more of uncensored is on. but mornings are really rough. The only time i see healz is if im playing my healing toons. its pretty bad. i dunno whats going on with the dps not even topping 200k either but in general IMP pvp is terrible right now. If i see some guys that seem to know whats going on ill try to get a group going but without vent like the other guilds there is a lot of lag in convo. i dont even know how many times ive been the only one in the chat window for the whole match. I used to rage now i just laugh and run over to LD saying just 3 cap us so i can get my daily done quicker.
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