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12.27.2012 , 11:18 AM | #9
I prefer healing personally. I feel that when I'm tanking too many variables are left in the healers hand, and I don't like like having to rely on someone else to keep me up, or having so little control. xD I mean realistically you can get through most hm fps without a proper tank, it's a lot harder without a proper healer.

Tanking you tend to really need to know the fight mechanics though. I find when I'm healing I only know the basics (like when to cleanse , and don't stand here) and have an idea of the flow of the fight (when will there be a lot of aoe damage, when will I focus heal, is the tank going to take heavy but spaced out damage, or more consistent damage,etc), but know very little about the fight details unless it effects my job. I do find that healers need to be more aware of the abilities of other healing classes when doing ops however. Kinda helps avoid panic when a sage healer is regenerating force for instance.

Tanks really control the flow of the group too. They really decide if there is a wait between pulls or if we just plow right through everything. The rest of the group is kinda just along for the ride.

From my own experience tanking seems to rely more on following a solid rotation. whereas healing is a little more situational. This could have a lot to do with what classes I'm playing though, so I don't really know.

In the end I think that it depends on your personal preference. I have an Assassin tank and a Scoundrel healer. When I tank, I tend to get really stressed out, whereas when my boyfriend tanks he is normally watching a movie on a second monitor. Little punk...

Also, what are you talking about?! Agents are absolutely built for tanking! I do it on my scoundrel all the time! Drives our guild vanguard nuts for whatever reason...