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I went through LI HM about 5 times now with a tank and an healer... each time it's at least one wipe on LR-5 and 2 wipes at least on Dr Lorrik.

utter waste of time.
i tihink that's pretty much what's wrong with today MMO communities.

Wiping becomes unacceptable, failling to kill a boss, becomes unacceptable, it is, and i quote a "utter waste of time"

Do you have any idea how many times i have wiped on scholomance when it was tightly pack. On general drakkishah when it was genually a demanding encounter. And don't get me started on TBC heroics.

You are the reason why wow is now what it is, and wish for swtor to take the same path. What we need is not easier flashpoint but harder flash point, bring it on, level 3 flashpoint, nightmare flash point. Making mistake does actually have consequenses.
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