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I will hopefully have connection in a couple days, so I shouldn't be out of the debate for too long! I get back in a week. Would it be too much to ask to know when that G0-T0 one is coming?

4.) No diversity.

Everybody talk about the Basilisk war droids and how great they are. I agree completely.
Is their another example of a ground vechicle for the Mandos? At this point it seems like all the Mandos have as far as ground troops are
a. Foot Soldiers (w/o Beskar)
b. Basilisk War Droids.

That's kinda weak. The CIS has so much diversity and adaptability in its troops compared to the Mandos.

5.)Just a couple things that could counter Basilisks:
- Hailfire Droids
- This thing

6.) Also, please explain how the Mandalorians plan to kill this thing?

Super Tank ftw.

7.) Assassins
CIS has tons.
- Anzati Assassins
- A-series
- Assassin Probe
Mandos have none.

Ok, ok, I'm getting carried away. Sorry, I'm trying to make it up to Grievous and the CIS for letting them lose before.
Sure, the CIS has some diversity. But let's not forget that 90% (that's a guess) of Greivous's army is gonna be made up of the B1s.