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I'll just be one of the many other voices expressing frustration with this class. Here's the thing... the best dps merc/commando is grav/tracer spam, but the big problem here is that you are a standing turret. You can't do anything on the move. In a ranked WZ, you are toast. The assault/pyro build is what all dps commandos/mercs should be rolling because your three primary attacks are instant cast. If no one is hitting you, an aresenal/gunnery will out dps a pyro/assault anytime... that's what you see that spec in PVE. So... in order for us to have an sort of chance to live, we have to give up a good amount of dps for a build.

My main is a commando. I put out numbers that keep me at the top of the charts. What separates the good commandos/mercs from the bad ones is knowing how to stay alive and maximize your uptime. I have had a number of people ask me my build and how I fight because the numbers I put out are big for a commando, but again... it's not really about rotation... it's about surviving. Every WZ is different in it's "mood" but all things equal, I can easily go over 600k. I've had as high as 863k in a pug just the other day. I have had plenty in the 700s. The point is ... we bring nothing to the table for ranked.

I have a sage healer that is equally geared to my commando. Bother are half WH/half EWH. I ALWAYS get asked to do ranked wzs on my healer. Depending on our group comp, I can either go salvation spec or bubblestun (which I think will be nerfed soon). I have healed as much as 750k-ish in bubblestun and over 1M in salvation. Both builds are useful and together, they are deadly to the other team. I rarely EVER get to do ranked wzs on my commando because teams simply don't want them. No springs, no pulls, no leaps, no nothing. Yah... I can knock people off a ledge, but woopie... many classes can do similar things and also have additional utility. The other day, the group I was in really needed a dps for ranked and I got off my healer and came on as my commando. People were surprised at my damage, but again... that's not the biggest problem with the class. The reason I had good damange was that we had two solid healers and the other team was focused on them the whole time leaving me free to do as I please for the most part.

I guess my point is that it's simply frustrating that BW has done nothing to improve our utility. I hate that I have to do ranked on my sage healer all the time because no one wants a commando. It shouldn't be that way. What I do know and from playing MMOs for a long time, there's always a flavor of the month type class. Right now it's sent/jugg smashers (and I have one that I play for that reason), but I also know that they'll get nerfed big time in the future. I'm waiting for the day that commandos become the flavor of the month and everyone races to level one... because let's be honest, there's not a ton of us comapred to other classes.

Look back at wow rated BGs. I remember certain classes being OP. Tree heals, rogues, holy pallys, etc. But I also remember that thigns changed and it caused certain classes to be used more than others. I truly belive that one day commando dps will be the flavor of the month... just when... I have no idea. I love the class and love dps'ing with them, so I'm not giving up.

All I want for Christmas is Utility!!!
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