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You make good points, I'll leave others to counter them. Hope you have a nice holiday by the way, hopefully you'll be back in time for G0-T0 vs Tyber Zaan!
I will hopefully have connection in a couple days, so I shouldn't be out of the debate for too long! I get back in a week. Would it be too much to ask to know when that G0-T0 one is coming?

4.) No diversity.

Everybody talk about the Basilisk war droids and how great they are. I agree completely.
Is their another example of a ground vechicle for the Mandos? At this point it seems like all the Mandos have as far as ground troops are
a. Foot Soldiers (w/o Beskar)
b. Basilisk War Droids.

That's kinda weak. The CIS has so much diversity and adaptability in its troops compared to the Mandos.

5.)Just a couple things that could counter Basilisks:
- Hailfire Droids
- This thing

6.) Also, please explain how the Mandalorians plan to kill this thing?

Super Tank ftw.

7.) Assassins
CIS has tons.
- Anzati Assassins
- A-series
- Assassin Probe
Mandos have none.

Ok, ok, I'm getting carried away. Sorry, I'm trying to make it up to Grievous and the CIS for letting them lose before.
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