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Here's a little something I threw together to make an appearance I've been thinking about for a long while...

Formula: Outcast Helmet (1), War Hero Combat Tech's Body Armor (1), Rakata Eliminator's Gauntlets (1), Electrum Onslaught belt (1), TD-17A Colossus Leggings (1), and TD-15A Centurion Boots.

Also... my assault cannon is the Thunderburst Dual-Cannon, which comes from the cartel packs.


edit: All of my gear is catered toward PVE stuff (yes---I used all those pvp currency to buy an armor piece to mod just for appearances...) ...also, all armor pieces are matched to my chest piece, just to clarify.
I used this appearance for a while and really like it when the WH stuff first came out. The helmet is one of my favorite in the game. But it seemed like the helmet blue came out a slightly different shade then the bodys. Unless they fixed that... may have been a similar helmet and not the exact one you are using. Can't remember off the top of my head. But I do like this look a lot.
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