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^ this.

We had a guy on that team ask us after "I'm new to MMOs, so I'm going to feel dumb, but what does 'min/max' mean?"

That isn't to slight that player or make them feel bad, but when you have (a) a fully optimal group make up, and (b) all truly min/maxed players from Physics opposing you with this on your team, you're really in for a butt whipping.

You can say what you want about coordination, strategy, etc. but it really comes down to this. It's why you don't see hordes of ROTJ queuing right now. We have a lot of players taking a break, focusing on school, etc. that would make up the "A Team" -- and until we can coach these players up, you likely won't see us much in ranked consistently.
Speaking of min maxing and I will keep the name anonymous to protect the innocent. I saw a sentinel in full warhero with an alacrity relic and some alacrity augs. Needless to say I don't know much about Sents/Maras so I enlisted the help of another who did have the knowledge to help this young one out. Even his mainhand was a tank mainhand. It's sad but understandable as well. Rather than poke fun though and laugh, well I did chuckle, I hopefully got him some help that will aid him down the line.
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