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Been wanting to try out either a Jugg/Mara or their Pub classes but every PvP video I watch they have like 4 hotbars of stuff keybound. I dont have a fancy gaming mouse or keyboard but I still want to try one of them out because they look like a lot of fun to play. But Im not very good at juggling a bunch of abilities. Do you really need all of those abilities in the first place? Also every time I do a /who for those classes it turns up the most people. I dont think so many people would be playing them if they were very difficult and required a ton of keybinds because I highly doubt all of them are pro gamers using expensive gaming mice.
Player Vs. Player is a different animal then pve. Yes, you can get by by just using a few abilities, but to be honest you will not be able to compete against someone that uses them all. The players that you see juggling abilities are doing so to be more effective. If I were you I would start with the main 2 toolbars and go from there. Remember that if you are clicking you are playing a different game then the ppl who are hotkeying. Clicking by nature has to be slower do to the fact that you are using the mouse to click attacks while others are using mouse strictly for movement and targeting. There are many guides that teach you how to hotkey without using a special keyboard and mouse.