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12.27.2012 , 09:12 AM | #7
I had been tanking on a Jugg for the past few months. No raid level, just pugging and with friends. I Enjoy the play style more so than the PT or Assn, but I felt I lack one or two tools to feel complete. I had been playing Empire since release and was finally getting around to finishing up my PT(46) and Assn (43) so I could have a complete feeling for all the tank classes.

I found a good guild who's raid times I can follow and when asked what role they would like me to play, they asked for a Shadow Tank. So.... at lvl29 now after 2 weeks which is good for me since I can't play that much, but I'm excited to get tanking at the raid level. While I don't enjoy the Shadow play style as much as the Jugg, it feels more equipped to completely handle situations than a Jugg.

Bottom line, while I know all tanks can tank everything, PT felt a little slower to me, Jugg felt just right playstyle wise, just lacked a tool or two (i felt), and the Shadow feels good.