Thread: Anger and fear.
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12.27.2012 , 09:12 AM | #26
Most powerful are hate and of course, love. Anger is really for losers, but i guess its very useful on Korriban at trials, when youre only apprentice, and you need focus your mind and power: and anger is simple tool even for acolyte.

Its same like with all passions, though. Problem is only your interpretation, what is good passion, what makes you more powerful.
Just look on Darth Jadus. He is calm guy, with deep hatred, with literally aura of fear, but he obviously well controlling himself. Darth Bane was also everything else than angered mindless butcher. And Darth Vectivus' passion lied in his bussiness, so his holocron is more guide for CEO's, lol: "Never borrow money from someone powerful enough to make you pay. Let your workers know you trust them...then watch them."

Even Darth Tyranus said, that mercy is useful sometimes. Usefulness is also very important stuff in Sith ways. When you making own power structures, you just MUST be like Jedi, find knowledge, make deals in shadows, controlling own passions. Irony.

So real good Sith is like shapeshifter. But most of them are inevitably consumed by the Dark Side and destroy by it. Who knows how good ruler would've Palpatine been, if he didnt turn more mad and ugly from own lightnings?