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Methinks Greivous wins.

I would compare the Mandos army to the Clone army, only there aren't nearly as many Mandos as there are clones. That's a problem for MtU. The clones were barely able to beat the droids, even with the help of the Jedi. This spells a victory for Greivous.
^ This.

Jango Fett was a mandalorian. The Clones were.... clones of him. If we assume that Jango Fett was an average Mandalorian, or that his clones were average Mandalorians, Grievous will win. And that's being generous, considering the fact that clones were supposed to be trained soldiers from day one, 24/7.

Grievous wins by what he should always win by: sheer numbers.

I'm waiting for the quality over quantity argument to be made, but I don't see how it can.

a. The lack of full body Beskar (on foot-troops) takes away defensive advantage
b. The Mandalorians as a whole are undoubtably weaker than the Clone Army, which the CIS put up a fight against
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