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So, backlog of replies.

@ Kabeone: Again, poor Remi. That must be a maddening situation. She wants to atone. Needs to atone. But no one’s letting her. On one hand its comforting that most people sympathize with the situation, but on the other hand, how can she ever make things right?

As an aside, my characters fall off of things. Every thing. If there’s an edge in the terrain somewhere, I inevitably find a way to fall to my death from it.

@ MilaniGrey: Alli exiled and leaving her infant behind has to be one of the loneliest situations. Do keep writing her.

@ Thatghost: Agreed, Agent + Temple is a very rare thing around here. It’s a nice change from our usual doom-and-gloom. They seemed very much like a couple who’d been together for a long time. I loved the parts about the ghostly reflections in the window.

@ Isoviel: Welcome to the thread! You covered a lot of ground with your story, and that might have affected the amount of detail you were able to fit in. With Iamthehoyden and Tatile, I’d love to know more about why Ennaly doesn’t want to be a Jedi. And don’t give up on her; go back and do the Hoth bonus series if you haven’t already, or find some people to play with. You can bring others into your class areas even if they are the same class (there’s a button to allow that in the UI) and they can help vanquish creatures, but won’t affect how your story goes, they’re just observers.

Also, thanks everyone for putting up with my Rixik obsession