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Sorry for the long delay, apparently I don’t get a lot of personal time to play.

Guild Leader’s Council Meeting:

Guild Relations: Thanks to all the guilds that were at the meeting, it wasn’t as big as we hoped but it was a great start.
Guilds that attended: DFR, Chaos Theory, the Council of Honor, Death to the Republic, Delusions of Grandeur, Foad, and Pax.
We created to functions to help maintain relations, a chat channel in game for quick help, open world PvP callings and other user functions. And we also created an alliance website ( to help share news and events that each of the guilds may be doing.

PvP: We actually had a lot to discuss on this subject of the game. We plan on bringing back PvP tournaments, have ranked warzone training nights and Gear Maximizing sessions for the more inexperienced members. Starting social events like bar fights and fight club. Also we plan to set up a PvP event hosted by the alliance for all to enjoy, hopefully once we get things going once a month.

PvE: With this subject we discuss world boss thoughts and ways of improving the experience, it will take time but we hope to expand on this topic as the new expansion pops up in the spring. We also came up having a list for each of the guild’s PvE captains so that if people get stuck on a section or if someone has to leave. The group can collaborate with another guild for help if needed.

Crafting & Trading: This subject was a tough one to discuss considering whatever changes we make can affect stuff that goes on in the GTN. But we discuss awareness and getting the right profit out of a sale. We also talked about trading between guilds for products that either are too expensive or really hard to find.

Overall it was a very long meeting but we learned a lot from each other and we expect to become more efficient and organized so that the game can be fun for all or our guilds to enjoy. Now we’re not trying to keep it between just us so if any guilds would like to join this alliance talk to one of the guilds mentioned, visit the site or post here on the forum. Either way we would like to get more people involved with this before the next meeting! Thanks guys and see you on the battlefield.
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