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12.27.2012 , 08:29 AM | #4
I dinged 50 on my merc last night, bought 2 war hero power relics, transfered my black hole gear from my powertech to my merc - so i need my belt / bracers, implants, ear, barrels and better mods / enhancments...
I did that, and went and healed TFB SM about 20 minutes after I dinged...and it was fine! I had only around 780 tech power, but when my heals crit they went into the 5k range.

I have healed everything on my sorc healer which was my main for the longest time, and i plan on gearing this merc up to hazmat / 63's...just bored of sorc healing. Next is to level my operative healer
55 Assassin - 55 Sorc - 55 Jug - 55 Marauder - 55 Sniper
55 Operative - 55 merc - 55 Powertech