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Just Reviewing from my earlier post.

As far as I can tell topic is;

The frustrated and angry VS. Liars and Trolls.

Heroic 4's are to tough for regular game play, If they want to add in low level ops that's fine, but the difficulty that some of these 4h's is at is just nuts.

1. A difficult mission that needs 4 players.
2. Mission that needs a specked, geared, and experienced 4 man group

There is a difference and it IS frustrating how unbalanced some of them are.

Please do not respond to this if you are just going to be a troll (Ephesia)
Actually most likely u r the one who's trolling here.
Neither me nor my friends have experienced any problems with H4. Just as Kitru said you have to use your abilities properly. Do you think that FPs r insanely hard too?
I've been reading forums and all I see is whining about how this game is easy.
If it is really hard 4 those who r troubled with heroics they just need to either check sum class guides ( I saw yesturday a sent who was wearing aim + willpower gear) or change your keybinding ( skills binded on 1, 2,3,4,5,6 etc is not an option coz u need to move and activate ur abilities quickly enough).
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