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12.27.2012 , 07:14 AM | #22
Just Reviewing my earlier post. This whole thread seems to be the "Frustrated and Angry" VS. "Liars and Trolls". People who just crashed on a 4h post on the thread, people who like to make stuff up just respond.

As far as the actual topic goes...

Heroic 4's are too tough for regular game play, If they want to add in low level ops that's fine, but the difficulty of some of these H4's is just nuts. Not all of them need to be Nerfed but the discrepancy in the difficult of some over others causes a lot of frustration.

There is a difference between;

1. A difficult mission that needs 4 players.
2. Mission that needs a specked, geared, and experienced 4 man group.

When you are doing ops Hard Mode its an option, with 4h's its always a surprise.