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of course I know i can cleanse it but! when people gets:
tank > 5 debuffs
Rdps > 3 debuffs
Mdps > 6 debuffs

at the same time, then you cleanse the tank first try to keep him alive so the boss won't wack you with bombs and the tank yet again run all over the green goo.

the pain :X

and the sad part is that if people knows what to do it's extremely easy.. I mean with my guildies we can just tank and spank any flashpoint very quickly without any need to use chat or something or cc and such.
had another group for foundry HM, had to go out and take the dps to a tour on the fleet and teaching him about the free gear and instructing him how to gear up (sorcerer using str gear :X) after 20 mins we went to the fp only to get to final boss, after killing him you need to use a terminal to end the mission BUT the other pug dps banzai down from the platform for some reason.. I kicked him from the group.
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