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Speaking of hyperbole. Dont you ever get tired of biodefending and making crap up because you cant handle this game has more than its fair share of flaws?
How is it hyperbole? It is a well known fact that less than 1% of all players rush to go through all content as quickly as possible just to be back at endgame level. WoW itself often said statistics along the lines of: Even now, 2 months after Wrath launch, only 20% of all accounts have a level 80 character. And that game was all about being endgame, the actual levelling is nothing near the quality that this game has.
My 1% was pointed at the group of people who focus solely on being max level as quickly as possible, leaving all other things aside, after a level cap raise. This is a very, very small minority. Just because you and your guild/group of friends are (possibly) a part of it, doesn't mean that most people play these games that way.

I can handle all flaws in this game, but stating that a small minority of players will rush through content and that content, therefore, will not be enough is much more 'made up crap' than what you accuse me of.

But yeah, being fully anti (or fully supporting) something beyond all reason is something too much posters on this forum prefer over an honest debate on the facts we do have. Facts like the amount of times it takes to do 45-50, how much time the largest planets with most quests can take, and experience from other, similar, MMO's and how the levelling curve is among players in those. All of those things are points I put forward.

I refer to my non-PVP quote in my sig and bid you farewell sir.
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