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The only way it's remotely doable in less than 20 minutes is with 4 stealthers.

A decent group takes about 22-25 minutes.. Try to actually time it from the time it pops, untill you're actually through it.

And for the OP, if you don't enjoy it, don't play it.. And it's just plain stupid to say LI HM is harder than EC SM..

It also kinda sounds like you don't know you can cleanse the dot on the last fight in there.. When I'm there as a healer I click through everyone now and then and cleanse the dot.. I'm pretty sure I can do that flashpoint without a tank even.
simplely not true, i have done with guildmates in 16minutes and not a one of us use stealth.
i agree that going with guild helps as the chance of getting 2 sents with 13k hp each with a 11k guardian tank without a shield in a dps stance is really low and yes i seen groups like that for this flashpoint. if they don't get the fight 3rd time around start asking ur guild or friends for a replacement as 4th or 5th is just a waste. but i would highly suggest that anyone turning 50 alteast take a good monent to read up on this flashpoint before even thinking of que for this becuase the gear help but not as much as knowing they fights.