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I've been lurking the PvP forum for a month or two now. With regards to PvP, if there was one post a Bioware/EA employee or developer should see, it is this one, particularly the highlighted paragraph. Just reading that paragraph made me want to quit the game and it encouraged me to make my first forum post. (my two mains and only 50s i have are a merc and an op [lol]) I say we make huge picket signs with that paragraph on it and march to wherever the dev work.
Two Mercs wow I am sorry, the only class that has been beat harder than Sorcs. I know how you feel, there have been a few times in WZ's when I have just wanted to quit this game. Starting to Force speed from a jumper and have him choke me (pulling me out of Force speed) than have his team mate jump in on me and kill me with two buttons. The rest of the team around me did not even have time to react. But hey stunbubbles are OP right, just because it slows them down sometimes. (not when it is on me, only when it is on a Jugg, Mara, or PT on my team.