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It does- it's not interesting to be chain stunned, nor is it interesting to have to put my bubble back up on my team every 20 seconds to be viable.

But... right now the bubble defends against half a smash crit- so it's not preventing enough damage. Our survivability and damage are both garbage.

And- it's also not interesting to be chain rooted through resolve, or to be killed by two mara in 3 seconds with zero chance to counter- I'd be much, much, much more willing to talk about getting the CC of my class reduced once I see the side which has too many defensives, too many roots, too much mobility, too much interrupt/healing killing ability, and way way way too much burst talking about all the things that are making the game less fun- which even includes CC, the very thing they're complaining about.

However- as long as marauders want to say being able to chain 9 seconds of roots together, on abilities with tiny CDs, through resolve isn't a problem, or in another spec that being able to auto crit for up to 8k on a group followed by a 4k bladestorm- ending with a 4k ranged execute isn't too much damage in too little time- that having an aoe instant mez, stealth escape, group speed buff, etc... and numerous defensives isn't too much utility and survivability...

I'm willing to talk about what's wrong with the game- but I'm not willing to listen to one side whine nonstop about a single ability sorcs have that is causing grief when they are completely unable to fathom discussing anything that could suggest their class is OP- something that everyone who isn't a marauder agrees with across the board.
I've been lurking the PvP forum for a month or two now. With regards to PvP, if there was one post a Bioware/EA employee or developer should see, it is this one, particularly the highlighted paragraph. Just reading that paragraph made me want to quit the game and it encouraged me to make my first forum post. (my two mains and only 50s i have are a merc and an op [lol]) I say we make huge picket signs with that paragraph on it and march to wherever the dev work.