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12.27.2012 , 02:57 AM | #515
Here's the thing, even if its only quarter the content of an average MMO expansion. I am paying only a quarter the price of an average expansion. I bought this game with little to no info and have been very satisfied with that gamble. Could this bomb and be a joke? Sure, but BioWare will hear about it before I do. This game isn't horrendous and this expansion or quasi expansion won't be either. If it was a $40 price point and only releasing with what's been said on the forums, well yes, I would have one big *********** problem. But it's not, it's likely priced for its content size.

So why will I pay for it? I want to support this game, I want to fund the future projects that will hopefully expand and make this game great. Hell, if they put it on kickstarter and were transparent about every detail, I would likely still contribute money to get it "there".
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