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12.27.2012 , 02:37 AM | #9
I'm not afraid to admit that the 1.5 second deliverance was broken. Major Imba. Increasing the cast length by a whole second was just going too far the other way. I would love to see a new top tier talent or two that reduced the deliverance cast time by up to 0.5 seconds. Meet me half way to speak....

But I think it will be interesting to see what they come up with for new top tier abilities, I mean - really - what's left? In heals we've already got....

channeled big heal (healing trance)
Aoe (salvation)
Quick expenssive medium (benevolence)
Slow efficient big heal (deliverance)
small Hot with a buff (rejuvenate)
quick efficient medium (bubble)
cleanse (restoration)
free self heal

What are they going to do? expenssive/ slow/ tiny heal? Or are we just going to get a bigger version of one of the heals we already have? I guess they could give us "force siphon"..... that could be intersting.....

I'd like to see any of the following.....
1) a 3rd point added to confound for a 35% slow effect on the target. (to help in those kiting situations)
2) a talent that adds a signifigant heal to restoration
3) a reduction in the lockout debuff of force armor
4) a casting time/ cost/ cd reduction for salvation ~ this one could be a game breaker though
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