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12.27.2012 , 02:35 AM | #6
one of my major problems is I have to pug my way via GF,
when I manage to get my guildies it's rofl'somp all the way, but pugs mostly looks like this:
I join the game and they are near the first "boss" without and healer/tank, the tank will probably have no shield, there will Always be one dps with crappy gear and less then 14K hp (try to heal that :X ) and next but worst they will never listen... I mean if there is a circle on the ground RUN but no... they love that spot.
and yesterday the shield-less tank run we managed to get to dr L but he just got something like 4 bombs in "I have few tricks" part.. then people were collecting debuffs from the circles like some pokemons.

the options are:
1. do LI HM once a week with guildies.
2. try to pug and risk 50K - 100K repair costs + lots of time wasted on wipes :X
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