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try playing a Merc

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A duel in plain open terrain doesn't demonstrate anything. Warzones are full with line of sight obstructions that have a tremendous impact on many classes performance, including sage/sorcerer.

Who would win in a Sniper vs MAdness sorc fight in plain terrain? Of course sniper. Who usually wins this fight in a warzone? If the Sorc is good, most of the time he will win.

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And what has a duel to do with the warzone OBJECTIVE?
Are you suggesting we should balance PVP around 1vs1 combat?

I play a DPS Sorc and DPS Sage and I can kill any sniper in a duel (and I play a 50 sniper as well).
If you don't know how, learn your class. Tell me, which class is vulerable to a DPS merc/commando?

These sorc/sages just whine because they cannot go toe-to-toe with the lolsmashers and PTs.

The class was never meant to do that, but they have plenty of utility to contribute to the team.
For crying out loud, Huttball was made for Sorc/Sages!

Nevermind the F2P'ers who think otherwise - SWTOR WARZONES ARE NOT DEATHMATCHES!

DPS Merc/Commando is a whole different story!
Mediocre damage AND lack of utility makes their complaints much more credible.
And that