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Mooftak here. Got some SF/Kettemoor folks on Jedi Covenant. We're doing ok. Casual raid progression, not much pvp with my guild, but there are some folks I do pvp with when I'm in the mood. How many folks do you guys have on your servers (in guild, from swg, etc)? Any lowbie pvp going on? I probably have some lowbie alts that got transferred to diff servers.
Technically *we* (me & my guildees, who are mostly former SWG players. -- We only have 125 members...half are ALTs) are on a so called "PVE" server (those 'titles' mean very little anymore imo, if they ever did at all.../bonk BioWare for a mis-guided idea) but we PVP fairly often. And we 'raid' pretty often too, although nothing "scheduled" persay.

RL is too busy to 'schedule' anything solid or consistantly, for me at least.

Anyways, Mooftak if you or anyone would like to join our Guild over on our server (The Shadowlands) , please feel free to contact me.

/bow, Nee
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