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The answer is always, YES.

Take the top Imp players on your server. Duel your best DPS Sorc on DK spaceport (wide open). See who wins.
Yes, the sorc can beat decent players. But rarely, if ever, against the other Best in Class players. QQ.

If this post were just ''can you beat the top Sorc on your server'' there would be 100's of replies. Keep that in mind before you start posting 'hybrid heal' spec, etc. Like to see any Sorc beat Wakalord/assassin, Cialy/Marauder, Grugharina/PT . - Bastion.
And what has a duel to do with the warzone OBJECTIVE?
Are you suggesting we should balance PVP around 1vs1 combat?

I play a DPS Sorc and DPS Sage and I can kill any sniper in a duel (and I play a 50 sniper as well).
If you don't know how, learn your class. Tell me, which class is vulerable to a DPS merc/commando?

These sorc/sages just whine because they cannot go toe-to-toe with the lolsmashers and PTs.

The class was never meant to do that, but they have plenty of utility to contribute to the team.
For crying out loud, Huttball was made for Sorc/Sages!

Nevermind the F2P'ers who think otherwise - SWTOR WARZONES ARE NOT DEATHMATCHES!

DPS Merc/Commando is a whole different story!
Mediocre damage AND lack of utility makes their complaints much more credible.