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10 brand new planets... really?

I'm guessing that you don't know just how hard it would be to create, code, make sure everything is good, nobody can fall through the word, etc.
I would say its pretty hard, cause they have yet to pull that one off.

I do not understand how folks are making comparisons to other MMO expansions concerning Makeb and justifying it as an expansion. By BW's own mouth, we're told it is equivalent in size and scope to the game's larger planets. That's 5-7 hours of playing time, watching cut-scenes, taking breaks, meandering through the content.

I really wonder the level of MMO experience defenders of Makeb actually have. If you love the game for what it is, great, I am right there with you. But to tell those that are trying to look at this as objectively as possible while being disappointed by the measures we have for the coming content so far is a bit beyond rough.

A typical MMO expansion is 1-2 days /played of leveling, a full gear reset, multiple raiding tiers (the first of which is usually ready at expac launch or very shortly after), new classes or races (typically, with a new structural model in the case of new races, so please refrain from the "cathar card" that probably is not even coming with Makeb), daily hubs (I admit, not a fan, but someone has to design those), along with new graphical designs for weapons, armor, buildings, terrain (not always), dungeons, and raids. There's also new development, or at least newish, concerning boss mechanics in dungeons and raids, and questing encounters/mobs in the leveling experience.

An expansion is worth the 20-40 dollars you plop down for them when they institute these features considering how much a player can receive out of it.

All this I am basing off of what BW has informed us of while taking into account MMO history, of the games I have played.

As for speculation, I presume based on the limited information we have at present, this "expansion" will most likely have less content than major content updates in other MMO's, minus...maybe, the new zone element...that's a bit disappointing.

My solution, do not buy it. But for those that want to have a constructive discussion, on EITHER side of the aisle, feel free to engage in that. But if you're going to bash people for what they post and not be civil, and I for one have been guilty of that, let's just refrain from posting.

For those that do like it and are purchasing it, despite the lack of information on it, I really hope you end up happy with it and it turns out to be enjoyable. Also, I wish I could see it the same way you do, I just cannot at this moment in time. However, I will certainly attempt to keep my perspective open, at least in the time before the release of it, since it would be unfair to place a concrete judgement on it when it has not been seen yet.