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I am hosting a PvP tournament with serious prizes and special rules.
Place & time: Outlaw's Den on Tatooine, Janurary 5th, 2013 7:30 PM EST
  • You cannot be armed.
  • You cannot have armor that gives stats*
  • Must have Steam
  • Must have proper unarmed PvP skills
  • No tech or force using skills are allowed.**
  • You cannot use Relics.
  • You CAN use datacrons
  • All contestants must show up on time
  • If you are a spectator, you CANNOT disrupt any fights. Doing so will lead to ejection.
  • Must be level 50 to participate
  • All contestants must use the /say chat channel to be able to communicate cross faction wise.
  • You cannot start fights with other spectators
  • No use of Medpacks during fights. Stims are ok.
1st Place: 25$ worth of Star Wars games
2nd place: 10$ worth of Star Wars games
3rd Place: 5$ worth of Star Wars games
Substitute Prize: 14 day Xbox Live Gold trial***

Additional information:
I will need your toon's name and your steam name to participate as this is a steam related giveaway and I need to make sure that contestants are registered. Also, all players are allowed to spectate the fight. Since there is no prepaid method of doing the Individual 25, 10, and 5 USD, I am simply purchasing the $50 prepaid card and gifting the games. Also when you win the prize, you get to choose the star wars games you want gifted to you.

Cameraman to record the event
2 Republic and Imperial guards each on opposing sides (Republic guards at Zaroshe Entrance and vice versa.All guards will be paid 10,000 credits each.)
Republic Guard:
Republic Guard
Imperial Guard:
Imperial Guard:

Contestant one:Atodi
Contestant two:Jaxs
Contestant three:
Contestant four:
Contestant five:
Contestant six:
Contestant seven:
Contestant eight:
Contestant nine:
Contestant ten:
Contestant eleven:
Contestant twelve:
Contestant thirteen:
Contestant fourteen:
Contestant fifteen:
Contestant sixteen:

Practice and be ready.

~Zirus Zero

*You can use the following gear that has no stats: Empty modable armor,Social Armor,Adaptive Armor,Cartel Armor
**Exceptions are knockbacks, snares, and stuns. However, Force leap is strictly off limits. Also, said skills must do no damage. Also, the required tech skills such as uppercut and jab for melee is allowed.
*** If you choose this prize, you are willingly giving up your prize and will be given to the person below you. If no one chooses this prize, 4th place will be able to claim the prize with no contest.
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