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You just don't see the value in the gear being provided. The flashpoint already rewards players with almost 3 times more Black Hole commendations, 3 times more Columi pieces and even a Rakata piece, at this point the chances for rare mount and pet to drop -- even though they continue to compel many players -- I won't mention them, they are the bonus. All in all. I disagree with your opinion that rewards are bad, just like many people in this forum.
It's a weekly, not daily, and you have to do Kaon as well.

Well again, it's Tier 2 HM, it require Columi to beat for the majority, all 3 bosses are like that. So the leg and boot are useless to them. That mount could also be bought with 200 daily comm and it rarely drops(I got one).

Exotech+Columi bracer/belt/earpieces/implants+relics=useful to Tionese
Columi boot and leg=useless to Columi

All flashpoints and operations reward players differently with each tier, choosing not to do those said tiers makes you lose the entitlement to earn loot from that tier. There is nothing unnatural in that. The reason why I call your "majority" noobs is that they choose to kill 2 bosses but they fail to kill the 3rd, at least according to your scenario. If you ever think that this makes sense, please send a report to Bioware about "Hey, my team and I tried really hard to kill 3rd boss but we couldn't, but due to our hard work me and my group think we are entitled for the loot the boss offers, please give us our loot thanks". I look forward to hearing their response to that
Of course it makes sense, since if the group are not very skilled with this FP they could screw up many times with the boss but maybe beat 1-2 before they don't want to continue to pay the bill. Like I said, HM OPS does not only put the good drop on the final boss, Tier 1 HM also drops good for Tionese.

And if the tank never fought Lorrick before it's going to be a huge pain in the first 2 phases, even if he has good gear.

Also, it is not unusual for encounters in the game to be more difficult for specific roles over the others, this is not unintended. There are fights that are much harder on tanks, and there are fights that are much harder on ranged dps and healers. At no time does the difficulty of a boss has to be, or CAN be, the same for everyone in the team. Of course, this nerf call is even more ridiculous when they have ALREADY NERFED IT.
It's ok to be difficult, but the drop also should be better and useful to the majority who can beat it, LR-5 and Sav Rak is not the case, they are significantly more difficult than Revan and Mentor but drop the same thing, the worse part is they require mostly Columi to beat for the majority, especially Sav Rak has a tight enrage timer and require good heal unless the team can avoid all the possible damage.