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the time it takes to get through that FP on hm is same like doing 5 time KP or EV.
this FP is utter waste of time.. after doing it once and getting useless loot for it.

I went through LI HM about 5 times now with a tank and an healer... each time it's at least one wipe on LR-5 and 2 wipes at least on Dr Lorrik.

This just frustrating quest as it's gets.

even kephess final boss fight on EC was easier then this one.

what's the point?

and worst part is the human factor.. try to explain to people not to walk on the circle as they'll get a DOT... damn someone got it 12 times in one try of Dr L.

utter waste of time.

and gear factor I got mix from columi (2\3 parts) upto campaign gear.
Heh, it's one of the short flashpoints actually, easily completable in 20 minutes, while a EV / KP run can easily net you 40 minutes.

My advice to you would be to read the fights and watch videos, the bosses you mention are quite easy now. If the player factor is the case try to help them out, if they are beyond help kick them. We all have to go through with this.
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